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Welcome to The Three Worlds of Erithor!

The world of The Rise of the Fallen is known as Erithor.

The Rise of the Fallen campaign is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, currently running 5th Edition. In the current Campaign (The Blackfire Crusade), the Players take the role of crusaders sanctioned by The Great Church to rid the city of Notre Dame and the surrounding environs from the scourge of the dragon Blackfire and her necromancer allies. The party works out of The Holy Seat of the Great Church, and roams between Notre Dame in Coralton and Old Notre Dame across the bridge in Calyeron.

In previous campaigns, Players took the role of adventurers working under a charter from The Draconic Brotherhood, the official Adventurer’s Guild of the Republic of Coralton. The party worked out of the guild in the town of St Clarice, an important port city located at the southern boundary of Coralton’s borders.

Main Categories

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  • Regions — The geographic regions of the world. Landmasses, mountain ranges, seas and oceans, continents, etc.
  • Nations — The political nations of the world. Republics, monarchies, imperial remnants, etc.
  • Locations — cities, towns, settlements, landmarks, interesting buildings, and all manner of other interesting places.
  • Cosmology — The rest of the universe, separate from the Three Worlds. Contains information on how the universe works and the gods who move among it.
  • Mythology — “Known history” of the world, as taught by The Great Church. Focuses on the various Ages of the universe, as well as oral and religious tradition, and the conflicts between the gods that lead to the current Age of Mortals.
  • History — Verifiable historical fact, at least as it pertains to the world since the fall of the Kelsenon Empire. Much of the history predating the empire’s fall is unreliable, if not lost outright.
  • Races — Covers the various races of The Three Worlds. Many of them are available as Player Character options.
  • Classes — Covers the roles of the various character classes in the campaign world.
  • Organizations — Some of the important organizations at work in the Three Worlds.
  • Campaign — Information on the campaign itself.
  • Dreams & Visions and Visions — The important dreams and visions the characters have had.

Adventure Log

So far the party has:

  • Accidentally burned down a tavern during a bar brawl.
  • Captured a menagerie of magical monsters set wild in the streets.
  • Discovered that a band of necromancers is operating somewhere in the city.
  • Protected a paladin from the frequent attacks of a shadowy assassin, whom they have now slain.
  • Encountered rumors of a scandalous affair within the highest ranks of the town’s most popular church.
  • Foiled a vampire attack during a lavish noble ball.
  • Traveled to the Shadowfell and destroyed a Domain of Dread, freeing trapped souls and destroying the realm’s dark lord but slaying angels of the Raven Lord in the process.
  • Encountered references to a secret society that may be seeking to recruit them.
  • Uncovered evidence that an “underground railroad” leading an oppressed people to safety has been horribly compromised.
  • Become embroiled in local city politics featuring a struggle between a corrupt Merchant’s Guild and a budding union of Dockworkers.
  • Encountered several Shards of Jillian, while being tasked to seek the others.
  • Encountered evidence of previously mentioned scandalous affair.
  • Failed to protect the paladin from an attack from his own personal nightmares.
  • Escaped a nefarious trap set by the head of the merchant’s guild, earning them his intense personal hatred.
  • Exposed the corruption of the St. Clarice Merchant’s Guild to the White Fox Society.
  • Saved the town of St. Clarice from rampaging dragons and devils, becoming local heroes.
  • Discovered that one of St. Clarice’s most prominent citizens is actually a changeling in disguise.
  • Survived an assassination attempt during a party in their honor.
  • Failed to save a prominent local cleric from heartbreak and suicide.
  • Met an Eladrin Princess who claims that several members of the party are part of her bloodline.
  • Failed to save the eladrin princess from death at the hands of a power-mad Shard of Jillian.
  • Influenced the course of city politics.
  • Stopped a brainwashed warforged uprising.
  • Traveled through the dangerous Shroudmist Forest.
  • Done chores for Granny Yega, a night hag witch who lairs in the Forest.
  • Fought a living cyclone in the middle of Shroudmist Grove.
  • Survived the attacks of eladrin assassins (though not without losses).
  • Been accidentally transported to the Feywild and uncovered evidence of an Ambassador’s horrific past.
  • Been falsely accused of the murder of a member of the Council of Vines.
  • Explored the sealed tower of the archmage Tol’Thanoth, uncovering tome of portal lore.
  • Made plans to seal the Winterend Passage to prevent an invasion from another world.
  • Battled the vanguard of an army of Warforged and defeated their powerful general in combat, winning an important battle for the world.
  • And much more. Players, feel free to include details I’ve forgotten to mention.

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