The Prophecies of Creation

When The Nameless One revived The First Child, he took the child aside and whispered three prophecies to him. When The Firstborn Gods asked The First Child what had been spoken, the child replied that he could only tell the words of The Nameless One at specific times, and that the time was not right for all to be revealed.

The First Child revealed The First Prophecy to them then, that as the universe was created by a word, so it would be undone. Should The Nameless One’s name ever be spoken aloud, all creation would end. The Fistborn Daughter tried to get the child to reveal the other prophecies, he refused, which turned her against the child.

The First Child revealed The Second Prophecy after being mortally wounded by The Primordial. As the child lay dying, it spoke to The Firstborn, The Seven Creators, and The Elemental Titans, and told them that nothing divine could every truly be destroyed as long as Creation existed. What was killed could be reborn. The Child then asked to be cremated, and the ashes scattered into The River of Time. After doing so, the ashes mixed with the souls of mortals, and were reborn again from the River of Life. Thus, all mortals carry a fraction of the divine essence of The First Child.

The Third Prophecy has yet to be spoken. Scholars believe that the Third Prophesy will come from the mortal races when The First Child wishes to make it known.

The Prophecies of Creation

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