The Raven Lord

The Raven Lord, Daynal Mormekar

God of Death, The Dead, Fate, Winter, and Destiny

Alignment: Unaligned. In the past, however, the Raven Lord was an Evil deity.

Domains: Death, Fate, Winter

Symbol: The most common symbols used among the Ministry and the Grim Brotherhood is that of The Balance, a set of balance scales clutched by a skeletal arm. Some sects of the Ministry, as well as the Ravensingers, prefer to use a stylized raven’s head instead. A few places combine the two symbols. The Grim Brotherhood prefers hammers, mauls, and so on as their weapon of choice, the better to break, undead bones. Ministers and Ravensingers prefer the use of the quarterstaff, as The Raven Lord is often depicted with such a staff in religious icons.

Description: The Raven Lord is a name feared by many. He is the last guide, who delivers the souls of the dead to The Halls of Judgment on the banks of the River of Time, where they will be punished or rewarded based on their deeds in life before they join with the river and are reborn. He is also the patron of fate and destiny, watching the River of Time for portents of the future. It is said that he once condoned necromancy, but his creation of The Dark Reaper taught him the folly of relying on such evil magic to cheat fate, and his clerics now oppose its use in any form.

Holy Orders: The Rave Lord has three major holy orders—The Ministry, The Grim Brotherhood, and The Ravensingers.

The Ministry of Daynal is where most of his clerics work. They focus on preparing the bodies of the dead and performing the Last Rites, a ritual that is meant to inform the spirit that it has departed and keep the body safe from rising as an undead. Their dictates are simple:

  • Do not fear death, for death is the natural stage that follows life.
  • Give comfort to the bereaved, and perform the Last Rites for those who need it.
  • Destroy the undead, and oppose the use of necromancy.

The Grim Brotherhood is the militant arm of the church of The Raven Lord. They actively hunt necromancers and destroy the undead as abominations. Most Grim Brothers work from local Sacristies. The Grim Brotherhood also dislikes oracles and soothsayers, for they see such people as those who would attempt to cheat fate. Sacristies that have Grim Brothers attached to them do not usually have Ravensingers, and vice versa. The dictates of the Grim Brotherhood are:

  • Hold no pity for those who suffer and die, for death is the natural end of life.
  • Bring down the proud who try to cast off the chains of fate. As the instrument of the Raven Lord, you must punish hubris where you find it.
  • Watch for the cults of The Dark Reaper and cabals of necromancers, and stamp them out whenever they arise, for The Dark Reaper seeks to claim the Raven Lord’s throne.

The Ravensingers are an oracular order that focus on The Raven Lord’s ties to fate and destiny. They peer into the future and divine what fate has store for people. Ravensingers hold that a person’s destiny is fixed, but that there are many paths to that destiny that one can take. They see themselves as guides and are often sought for their great knowledge. Ravensingers do not fit well with the dictates of the Grim Brotherhood, and Sacristies that contain Ravensingers often do not allow the Grim Brotherhood to operate nearby. The Ravensingers are charged with the following:

  • Seek your place within the River of Time.
  • Help others find their paths and fulfill their destinies.
  • Seek knowledge of the future, but do not try to cheat fate. Bring ruin to those who seek to escape what destiny has in store for them.

Channel Divinity: Worshipers of the Raven Lord may choose the following Channel Divinity feats.

Channel Divinity: Raven Lord’s Judgment

The undead exist in defiance of The Raven Lord’s will. You create a blast of brilliant light to burn these abominations into clean death.
Encounter ✦ Divine, Implement, Radiant
Standard Action Close blast 5 (8 at 11th level, 10 at 21st level)
Target: Each undead creature in blast
Attack: Highest mental ability vs. Will.
Hit: 1d12 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage. Increase damage to 2d12 + Wisdom modifier at 5th level, 3d12 + Wisdom modifier at 11th, 4d12 + Wisdom modifier at 15th, 5d12 + Wisdom modifier at 21st, and 6d12 + Wisdom modifier at 25th.
Miss: Half damage.
Special: You must take the Raven Lord’s Judgment feat to use this power.

Channel Divinity: Raven Lord’s Sight

Calling on the River of Time, you grant an ally a brief glimpse into the future to aid their efforts.
Encounter ✦ Divine
Minor Action Close burst 1
Target: One ally in burst
Effect: The target gains a +2 power bonus to his or her next attack roll or skill check made before the end of your next turn.
Special: You must take the Raven Lord’s Sight feat to use this power.

Channel Divinity: Raven Lord’s Blessing

The Raven Lord grants a boon to those who send the dead on their way.
Encounter ✦ Divine, Healing
Free Action Ranged 10
Trigger: Your attack drops an enemy within range to 0 hit points or fewer
Effect: You or an ally within 5 squares of the enemy can spend a healing surge.
Special: You must take the Raven Lord’s Blessing feat to use this power.

The Raven Lord

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