Those Who Hear

The Harmonious Order of Those Who Hear is a small but worryingly wide-spread cult that has cells all throughout The Three Worlds. They crop up in major cities, isolated hamlets, and occasionally near areas where the influence of The Far Realm is felt.

Their patron is an entity they refer to as The Speaker In Dreams, which is said to whisper to the cult members in their sleep. They talk of harmony, unity, putting aside petty differences to achieve collective gain, and acceptance for those who have been cast aside by their peers. The cult preys on those who have abandonment or self-esteem issues. There is no authoritative text used by Those Who Hear; instead, a musical catechism known as The Song of Stars is memorized by adherents. The verses of The Song of Stars exhort followers to:

  • Commune with the Speaker in Dreams, confessing all the wrongs and ills one has committed against their fellow beings, and become filled with its love and the love of all fellow Listeners.
  • Work for the good of the fellow members, assisting them with their problems, and expect aid in return.
  • Work together with other Listeners to tear down the artificial barriers between all beings, imposed upon them by an uncaring and megalomaniacal creator who was jealous of the perfection of reality and smashed it into chaos before trying to reshape it into his own perfect world.
  • Bring the Song to others who might Listen. If one who hears the song resists the message, they should be purged as unworthy.
  • Have no doubts about the wisdom of The Speaker in Dreams, and follow its commands without question, secure in the knowledge that the Speaker loves all Listeners and would never lead them astray.
  • Bring ruin to the workings of the False Gods, who protect the flawed construct that is Creation and refuse to see how harmonious all would be if all were merged into chaos once more.

Most followers are simply deluded people looking for a place to belong, but more than a few cultists have forged pacts with the Speaker in Dreams, becoming Warlocks with the Star pact. Some who’ve dealt with Those Who Hear claim that a rare few members showed actual divine powers, but this has never been confirmed.

Those Who Hear

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